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Maintenance Priorities for Aircraft Owners

Making the transition from chartering a private jet to purchasing a personal aircraft can be a substantial jump.

There are a host of reasons why owning an aircraft can be considerably different than renting one. Various factors, including upfront expenses and insurance requirements, likely are at the top of the list. 

Yet, most private aircraft owners will tell you the most significant difference is ongoing upkeep and aircraft maintenance. 

The good news is, you do not need to possess the skills and knowledge of an aviation mechanic to ensure the aircraft you have purchased will be well-maintained. This is true whether you own and pilot your aircraft, or contract for flight operations. 

Yet, it is highly important to know and understand the maintenance tasks that are most critical in making sure an aircraft is prepared for safe flight at all times. Regular and rigorous review of aircraft systems should always be top priority.

This is especially key if you are a pilot and wish to perform some of the maintenance tasks yourself. You may be surprised by what is required of you. Assessing your skill levels honestly is vital, because wasted money and time will be the least of your concerns should something go wrong. Your best bet—consulting with a team of highly trained aviation experts who will help ensure your safety and comfort in the sky.

Performing Preventative Maintenance Is an Involved Process

As an aircraft owner, you need to prepare for a lengthy and involved preventative maintenance schedule that addresses several categories. That said, it is fairly easy to take care of preventative maintenance tasks with a “divide and conquer” approach. 

If you were to create a list of the most important aviation maintenance tasks, the top of the list should include things like engine and equipment checks. 

As a general rule, prioritize the frequency of those particular inspections and maintenance jobs that most directly affect the overall safety of the aircraft. Even a seemingly ‘minor’ engine problem can create a cascade of additional problems that could impact the safety of your private plane’s passengers.

Of course, you should always be conscious of ensuring that even the “small” details are accounted for. Cabin space comforts, for example, are highly visible and significant to nearly every passenger who chooses to fly on the aircraft you own and operate.

Save Yourself Time and Money with Full Service Through PFA

When you choose PrivateFlite Aviation’s aircraft management program, you can leave full-service maintenance details to a team of experienced and certified aviation mechanics. When you partner with us, you’ll have a full-service aviation repair and maintenance repair station at your disposal. 

PFA’s experienced team of aircraft technicians go above and beyond routine maintenance tasks to help keep your private jet in top condition. 

It is our mission to save owners valuable time, money, and energy—so they can focus more on realizing exceptional returns on their investment.

Our full-service aircraft management program includes:

  • Annual Inspections
  • Computer Maintenance Tracking    
  • 100 Hour Inspections
  • Pre-Buy Inspections  
  • AD & SB Research Air
  • Conditioning Service                                     
  • Aircraft Weighing
  • Parts Department

We also offer a number of repair and installation services. 

Have questions about private aircraft maintenance? Learn more about our maintenance, installation, and repair services on our website—Aircraft Specialists, Inc. 

Maintaining Your Aircraft is an Important Aspect of Ownership

Maintaining a private aircraft is critical to meeting Federal Aviation Administration requirements, and most importantly, keeping your clients safe and comfortable. 

From an ownership perspective, an excellent maintenance record can be one of the greatest positives to developing a higher resale value. 

FAA Comprehensive List of Maintenance Tasks 

The FAA publishes a comprehensive list of maintenance tasks every private aircraft owner should be aware of. Whether you plan on handling some of these tasks yourself, or will be hiring an experienced aviation professional, it is important to be aware of the items on this list. It may take some time to check all the boxes, but it will pay off for you, your clients, and the aircraft itself.

Partnering with PrivateFlite Aviation for aircraft management services will ensure you remain FAA compliant, and you can rest easy knowing our experienced aviation mechanics will be at the helm. 


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