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Why Private Jets Are the New Way to Travel

Your needs are unique—your flight should be too! Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, customizing your travel plans to fit your needs is possible when you choose private flights. These are the top five differences you’ll experience: 


Your time is valuable. When flying commercial, your schedule is entirely out of your hands. Of course, this may include frustrating hours waiting on delayed or canceled flights, which can lead to ruining a relaxing vacation or jeopardizing a client meeting. Private flights adjust to YOUR needs, not the other way around. Easily schedule your departure and arrival, make adjustments as needed, and communicate directly with your crew—it’s all right at your fingertips.

Security Headaches 

Private flights take seriously the safety and security of passengers, and security checks are required. But unlike when flying commercials, charter flights do not include long checkpoint lines, equating to a much more pleasant, personalized experience. No more walking in bare feet or socks through a dirty terminal floor, hurriedly sorting your items in bins, and being rushed by others trying to get to their gates. When you fly private, a quick and simple security check is all it takes.


Working while on the road often is necessary when your business requires travel. Trying to work on commercial flights with strangers shoulder-to-shoulder isn’t an ideal working environment or a relaxing one for that matter. Find the privacy you need and a calm environment allowing you to focus more efficiently—you’ll find that on a private flight. When you need to make important or personal phone calls, the privacy afforded on charter flights is unmatched.


Commercial flights are designed to transport as many people as possible at once, so seating may be cramped, uncomfortable, and built to endure a lot of wear and tear. Private planes offer exceptional comfort and flexible work and relaxation spaces, including plenty of room to stretch your legs! The difference is in scale—while commercial flights are meant to accommodate a lot of people, a private flight is meant to accommodate you. 


Traveling with pets or service animals? Have dietary restrictions or needs? Want to avoid the risk of seasonal illnesses found in large crowds? This is another great example of how choosing to fly private is the easy choice—your needs matter, because it’s your flight!y will show on the Blog list page

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