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Part 91 and Part 135 Aircraft Management


PrivateFlite Aviation offers a comprehensive aircraft management program based in our Clark County, Indiana FBO location (JVY). Our team combines industry experience, a commitment to safety, and reliability in providing customized solutions to clients’ aviation maintenance needs. We understand the importance of prioritizing regular maintenance for ensuring top aircraft performance and integrity. 

When you partner with PFA, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of an in-house flight department without operations responsibilities or overhead. You’ll even have an opportunity to generate revenue through some of our management programs. 

We understand clients’ interest in private aircraft is often based on the pursuit of a more luxurious and efficient travel experience. At PFA, we agree! Charter flights should promise a hassle free process without the usual headaches associated with commercial travel. And PrivateFlite Aviation’s aircraft management program is dedicated to the same rigorous standards.

PFA has many years of experience managing all types of aircraft. Our proven expertise allows us to deliver a virtually effortless aviation experience without peer. Our team is passionate about providing excellent service, especially when it comes to helping you experience the most benefit from a particular aircraft.

All of this necessary work may be bundled together with PrivateFlite Aviation’s Part 91 Aircraft Management Program. This program streamlines solutions including pilot selections and hiring, maintenance program management, trip planning, scheduling, documentation, and oversight of every operational phase. 

While other aircraft management companies may exclude a host of responsibilities in their agreements, PFA is different. We save clients valuable time, money, and energy so they may experience the most from their aircraft ownership experience. Work with us and you will notice the difference.


As with any smart investment, private aircraft ownership stands to yield positive benefits over time. A charter flight experience is one-of-a-kind, providing great potential for exceptional proceeds With that, a top-quality management program should be a high priority for owners, as properly maintaining any aircraft stands to consume a great deal of time and energy.
  • 24/7 flight operations to allow flexibility in scheduling flights at your convenience.
  • Flight followers who excel at coordinating all aspects of your flight, planning, and scheduling.
  • Discounts for off-base fuel purchases and insurance using PrivateFlite Aviation’s volume purchasing power.
  • Maintenance planning and management focused on minimal downtime.
  • Comprehensive crew management and training.
  • Reporting customized to your needs.
  • Shared ownership opportunities available


As a private aircraft owner or operator, flight downtime most likely is a reality for you. Why not profit from those open time blocks with PFA’s charter management program? 

PrivateFlite Aviation’s Part 135 Charter Management Program is the perfect option for maximizing the value and availability of your private aircraft. Utilizing the expertise and support of our experienced team, your aircraft (when not in use by you) may be marketed to consumers for private charter. 

Including your aircraft in PFA’s charter program allows owners to generate revenue to offset operational expenses, as well as potential tax benefits. Regardless, you always have the ability to schedule your aircraft for your use whenever you may need it for personal use. Participation in the Part 135 Charter Management Program will not restrict access to your aircraft at any time. 

In short, this is the perfect program for private aircraft owners who wish to gain the most from their investment.

What is an Aircraft Management Program?

An aircraft management program supervises the wide range of tasks and procedures for maintaining and scheduling your aircraft for safe, reliable, and industry compliant flights. Facilitating these duties through a management program provides clients with a more efficient and effective way of ensuring all maintenance, repair, and performance needs are addressed. 

The benefits are numerous. For one, overall flight costs will decrease. The aircraft’s lifespan and performance also is maximized due to consistent, quality services conducted by our highly experienced mechanics and technicians. Of course, ensuring the comprehensive safety of any aircraft is always the most crucial benefit of a top-quality aircraft management program. 

PFA’s aircraft management programs extend beyond necessary routine maintenance to include all flight details, including scheduling and crew selection.

Lastly, aircraft management programs ensure compliance with FAA regulations, specifically Part 91, which identifies industry rules and regulations pertaining to civil aircraft operation. Additionally, Part 135 outlines a more rigorous set of rules for entities intending to profit from any aircraft operation charging fees for charter flight service. PFA takes industry compliance very seriously.

It is our goal to make sure you get the most out of your investment, without all the stress that may come with managing these details yourself. Leave the rest to PFA, and you’ll enjoy your private aircraft that much more.