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How Can I Produce Income from my Private Aircraft?

Many private aircraft owners find the idea of generating revenue to offset expenses appealing. Making your aircraft available for charter (Part 135) is an excellent way to generate income on your private aircraft investment. The best way to do so is to partner with Charter and Aircraft Management companies like PrivateFlite Aviation.

Our team offers professional guidance and assistance to help aircraft owners pursue a real revenue stream. We will handle the details and responsibilities that come with chartering an aircraft, so that you enjoy all the benefits, hassle-free. 

Determine How Many Hours You Wish to Charter Your Aircraft

Many owners lay out a set of hours to charter their aircraft when not being used personally. Part 135 provides a means for generating revenue when your aircraft is not in use.

PFA knows how to make the most out of aircraft downtimes. By marketing your aircraft to charter customers, we can help you offset your expenses. Through Part 135, PFA will include your aircraft among our fleet of private jets. Your aircraft will be accurately represented across the United States to potential clients as an option for them to charter. 

We also understand that enjoying your aircraft is still a priority. Our Part 135 Charter Management Program provides minimal restrictions on your access to your jet, so you can still fly it when you want to.

Calculate Expenses

There are some additional costs associated with placing your aircraft on a charter certificate, such as frequent conformity inspections and additional crew training. However, PFA is well-versed in providing the transparency you need to decide if chartering makes sense for your aircraft. With our experience and expertise, we are able to efficiently manage your expenses and provide a solid value proposition.

Whether it’s taking care of maintenance or hiring quality pilots, we are fully prepared to meet your needs and provide a management charter program that will exceed your expectations as an owner..  

An additional benefit when chartering your aircraft is to leverage any potential tax benefits provided by having your aircraft available to charter.

Connect With Clients

Partnering with the right charter operator can make all the difference in determining whether your decision will be profitable. 

PrivateFlite Aviation will connect you with our established client base. Professionals, Families and some of the top corporate organizations in the region will be chartering your aircraft. We work every day to attract high level potential clients with our private jets. Our roster of vetted clients will treat your aircraft with the respect it deserves. 

If you are interested in chartering your aircraft with PFA, we can provide real guidance to help you make an informed decision.  

Take The Next Step In Travel

PrivateFlite Aviation offers clients the most luxurious charter flights through a streamlined booking process. If you are seeking a charter company that accommodates your individual needs and values getting the details right, be sure to look to PFA. Our FBO is conveniently located in southern Indiana, just minutes north of Louisville, Kentucky.

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