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When you book a private charter with PrivateFlite Aviation, the health, comfort, and safety of our clients are always a priority. This certainly extends to our air medical flights.

We understand that these flights can be a matter of life and death. Our air medical team specializes in organ transports, which is why we employ the best in aviation for delivering life-saving organs.

PFA has the expertise, experience, and dedication to ensure that organ transport is done as quickly and safely as possible.

We are strategically located to serve the Midwest with the highest level of efficiency possible. Our range is wider than most providers, as we can go as far northeast as Pennsylvania and as south as Mississippi.

Our Experience

Air Medical Transport

PrivateFlite Aviation has flown thousands of charter flights and built a solid reputation in the Air Medical Transport community. Our on-time record is one of the best in the industry and relied upon by many successful and demanding organizations across the U.S. This includes some of the largest medical transport operations in the region.

All PFA flight crew members are trained at an FAA-approved facility with level C and D flight simulators. Additionally, our crew members participate in full-service training and qualifying programs and train to the highest standards of industry safety. All captains are airline transport pilot “ATP” rated, which is the highest FAA rating available from the agency.

Specialized medical organ transport charters, contact us.

Please call 812-246-4698, and choose Option Two to speak to a live coordinator.


At Your Service

Accommodate your needs

If you or a client needs additional support while flying, simply call PrivateFlite Aviation and let us know how we can help accommodate your needs. Our client services team, which includes 24/7 dispatch support services, offers quick response times.

On-site flight management will also keep the precious cargo safe in the skies and on track for a punctual delivery.

PFA is trusted by the most respected transplant organizations in the United States. We are known for being the best provider for air medical missions.

Our in-house maintenance and technical team keeps our aircraft running in top condition.

Every Moment Counts

Expedite Scheduling

Our Flight Coordinator helps expedite scheduling, making everything easy and efficient for our travelers. When it comes to critical medical transport, we know every detail counts. And when you choose PFA, safety is paramount, and we are dedicated to working alongside your care team.

On a regular basis our team communicates with case managers, doctors, and hospitals in securing the time-sensitive, life-changing medical attention our medical charter clients need.

We can serve 48 contiguous states across 200+ airports, with 25 available aircraft. Our Quick Response Team will be available 24/7 for you.


Here to Answer Your Questions

At PrivateFlite Aviation, we know details matter. This is especially true when it comes to medical organ transport flights.

We are prepared to answer your questions about flight coordinators, aircraft dispatchers, and ground transportation.

Anytime you’re ready to learn more about PFA’s specialized medical organ transport charters, contact us! Please call 812-246-4698, and choose Option Two to speak to a live coordinator.

What People Say

Charter flight logistics plays an integral role in the organ transplant process. PFA has proven to be efficient, reliable and adaptable even during our busiest years

Brandilyn – Buckeye Transplant Service

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