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Why Private Jets Are the New Way to Travel

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Perhaps the most attractive aspect of choosing a private jet charter—no more standing in line for security screenings, checking in, or boarding quickly to get your seat. You can leave that in the past when you fly private!

What is the difference between private jet rental and part ownership?

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There are advantages to both partial ownership arrangements and private jet charters. For frequent fliers, part ownership may make the most sense economically, yet for a larger number of travelers, charter flights offer greater flexibility and aircraft variety at a lower cost.

5 Ways Private Charters Differ from Commercial Flights

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Your needs are unique—your flight should be too! Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, customizing your travel plans to fit your needs is possible when you choose private flights. These are the top five differences you’ll experience: Time Your time is valuable. When flying commercial, your schedule is entirely out of your hands. Of course, […]